He won't respond to my texts?

five hours ago I texted him and he said he was at dinner - I asked him if we could text after dinner and he said 'defs :)' , it's now been ages and he won't text me back anymore? does he not like me.


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  • hey, don't think too much buddy. it's okay,there are many possibilities for not txting back to you; maybe his phone was lost or battery issues . I know it's awkward feeling when someone doesn't text back but you shouldn't get panic because of that. you know things won't happen as the way you think (I was there in similar situation like this, I texted her back and front because I was panic and I lost my best girlfriend because she thought I was needy). take that positively, he'll reply you surely but for now take that out from your mind and focus on other important things...! hope I helped :)


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  • Dont bother contacting him unless he texts you, he is probably knowing it is driving you nuts, so just switch your phone off and don't bother, your know if he has text next time you switch it on, but turn the tables on him, get him wondering why you haven't text him back, don't let him know it bothers you, or he will always do it,x


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  • whatever you do, just don't text him until he texts you.