How do I tell her I like her (via txt) :(

I really like this girl and we have hung out a few times and we talk and text a lot. she is going out of town for sometime and I want to tell her I really liker her. unfortunately I can only tell her by a text cause she can't pick up her phone at the moment.


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  • Oh what is this world coming to! Forget calling or texting this girl.. If she is going out of town. Tell her you want to see her before she leaves.. Take her out and let her know how you feel, face-to-face! She will appreciate and respect you more if you do it this way!

    • like I said many times...she is not in town

    • OH I thought you said she will be going out of town.. Excuse me. I think it'd be appropriate to call her when you can.


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  • Forget texting or calling or emails & yes that does include Facebook. I think you should tell her this in person. Invite her on a casual date & just tell her :)

    • she's going out of town

  • Txt her saying you like her

  • I think you should wait to tell her over the phone at least if not in person. That's a pretty important thing to say over text.

    • i want to tell her in person but I can't...shes leaving town soon

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