I have a date with a guy this Saturday!!! I need advice.

He's very good looking, so I am kind of nervous. I'm going to try to get to know him, but I want to leave a good impression on him... any advice guys? Please help.

I'm not going to have sex with him, cause I want him to take me seriously.. Is kissing/making out not recommend? I'm just so nervous :(


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  • Be extremely flirty and then let him do the rest with the kiss stuff, but you should lead him on. lots of guys now a days don't do things on their own if theyre too timid


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe have some conversation topics in mind incase things get awkwardly silent, but ultimately be yourself and don't hold back the things you want to do or say. No need to put on a fancy show- if you click that should be impression enough