Why would a guy shake/ tremble when kissing a girl?

I have a friend with benefits, it's been about 15 months. The last 6 or so months though every time we get close, cuddling kissing - not sex. He starts shaking like he's cold, he says he's not and he isn't sure why he does it but I should take it as a compliment. Why would he do that?


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  • Maybe he's got bad nerves. I've got sensitive nerves. A girl could say something in my ear and it wouldn't even have to be sexual and I'd need to go take an ice cold shower if you know what I mean. Maybe he just really likes you a lot and he needs to calm down when he's around you. Maybe he has feelings for you but you just want to be friends with benefits and therefore he doesn't want to ruin the friend part. Just my opinion.


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  • Hi i want to knw why do guys legs shake while kissing