Is this a bad idea, creepy and weird?

Ok so, there's this girl I have a crush on. We just recently graduated high school and I was gonna ask her on a date graduation night but didn't see her afterward. I got her number from a friend. Me and this girl aren't complete strangers. She knows who I am and we have talked a couple of times. Just small talk. I don't think I'm going to see her again just out and about as we don't have very many common friends. I want to call her and be like, "Hey this is _____, I got your number from a friend and I was just wondering if you might like to go on a date sometime?" Do you think this would creep her out?


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  • Well one time this guy text me and made me guess who it was, it was fun and mysterious! Later I found out and we started texting a lot. Then after a while he asked me out and I said yes and now were dating! ha ha so maybe try that? but all girls are different so doing what your heart says is best.

    if you want to tell her straight up and be the guy to tell the truth, maybe she digs that.

    Dont try to be the brave guy by straight up calling her and asking her on a random date, she'll get uncomfortable or feel forced to say yes.


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  • Well you could add her on Facebook or on some social network site first. Then start a conversation and then ask for her number. That might creep her out since it seems you don't know her that well.

    • damn u... haha

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    • But would it really be any less creepy to text her than to call her?

    • But I should say is that depending on how I thought of you I might give ya a chance for a date. Since you do want to get to know her, she shouldn't overthink too much into it.

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  • go ahead and call her. technically it shouldn't be creepy unless you keep calling her after she rejects you. hopefully she won't.

    • you should explain the circumstances of why you had to resort to calling her. tell her about how you were hoping to get a chance to ask her on graduation day, but since you missed her and realized you would probably never get another chance, you felt your only choice left was to call her or else miss your opportunity for ever. explain that you're sorry to have to call her and that you hope you're not being to inappropriate. hopefully this way she'll understand and not feel creeped out.

  • Just call her. If she's creeped out, she'll say no, and you'll never see her again.

    Its not inappropriate.

  • it sounds like it can go both ways lol I would try Facebook. that might give her time to think rather than on the phone waiting for an answer on the spot.

    • I wish I could! She doesn't have a Facebook though :/

    • either get your friend who gave you her numbr to ask her for you. if you call her at least she'll know you have confidence :)