Touch barriers for dates?

What is your touch barrier for 1st date? 2nd date? 3rd date? Includes holding hands, cuddling, kissing, etc.


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  • Ummm it honestly depends on how long you have known the girl and the type of girl she is

    If you've known her for less than a month, then holding hands on the first date is a little daring, maybe a hug or arm around the shoulder but that would be it. The second date there would be a little hand holding, cuddling, and a kiss on the cheek ( see how see reacts to it) if she's fine with the kiss on the cheek, then at the end of the date you might wanna go for the lips... maybe not. again depending on the person (WARNING NO TOUNGE. JUST A NICE LIGHT KISS). The third date would act like almost as your used to having the person around. Act causal like holding her hand and kissing her is natural.

    If you've known her for 2 months+ then the first date should definitely be completely natural. Hand holding, a little cuddling and teasing, and if it was me, I would give you a little kiss. I mean why not. But some girls don't like that. If she's really really into you, she won't wanna kiss on the first date, but she'll try to wait till the second.

    If you've known her for a long time but are now going out. That's awk as f***. I can't help you there.

    First: Cuddling/ Hand Holding

    Second: First and kiss on the cheek (maybe lips)

    Third: the whole shabang (no sex)


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  • It depends on how it's going. I've had sex on first dates without any qualms whatsoever, but I've also been bothered by a guy thinking he's getting more than a perfunctory hug.

  • It depends on how you go about it. If you are really aggressive, she will probably put up barriers faster than if you go slowly and don't get too crazy. If your girl is fairly frigid, holding hand , and moderate cuddling is OK. Kissing can be a more difficult subject. Try kissing her on the cheek at first and then when you are both comfortable , you can progress to kissing on the lips.

  • I used to have major issues with people touching me...I had some things happen to me. Anway first date not a whole, still second date no, third date I'd say that would be okay. It also depends on how well you know each. My now fiance and I didn't know me very at all, at least not in person (we met on the net) and he put his arm around me on our first date. I just felt really awkard. If I would have known him better I would have been more comfortable.


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