Do most guys like it when girls initiate a text conversation?

I really want to know if guys actually like it when a girl they're interested in initiates a convo over text or do they not for the most part? Why or why not? Does this make guys like her more(because she's showing interest too) or does this make girls seem needy(because she's always wanting to talk to him)?

Thanks to all answers! :)


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  • Who doesn't like having someone show interest in them if they actually like them? You;d want a guy to say hi to you first wouldn't you?

    The only thing that comes across as needy is if the texting is constant over a long period of time without concern for someone's time. I mean you can text a person all through out the day but if you send a bunch in a row expecting a full real time conversation it might interrupt a person trying to get something done.


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  • Look at it this way, do guys like it when you initiate a verbal conversation?

  • Yes I love it, I hate always having to start conversations


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