18 never been kissed or even had anybody show the slightest interest

I am 18 and I've never had any guys show the slightest interest in me or even been kissed. I've never even been asked to any of my high school dances. I am 5' 8" and 150 lbs. I am very athletic. I run a lot and play travel volleyball. My higher weight is mostly necause of muscle. When I am not in season I weigh about 135-140 lb. my girl and guy friends say that I'm pretty and funny and really etertainimg and fun to hang around with. I love to watch sports and rock climb but can also be girlie at times. Whyhasnt anybody even shown the slightest interest in me? What can I do to find a respectable guy who is looking for more than just sex?


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  • Lol unless you chat up guys and get to know them and select the right one, I don't think you will find the golden boy you are looking for by waiting for boys to chat you up...only 10% of guys do chatting up, the 9% are players.

    • However, I would say its OK because you are still young...trust me there are many girls who complain about being used, so take your time and pick the right guy.

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  • Either at school you act shy or weird or you aren't as pretty as you think or you are garbage at volleyball. Or they might be a rumor going around you are lesbain. And what you can do to let the boys knjow that you are available you can some how let them know you are interested in men. somehow.

    • Last time I check being a starter on a division one team with a full ride wasn't garbage at volleyball

  • at 5'8" 150 is perfectly understandably

    • Ok I'm not embarrassed of the way I look in person I'm told that I don't look my weight at all and people typically guess 130, but that's not my concern in this question I just felt like I needed to explain it to give a better picture of the situation. But you didn't answer the question...

    • A lot of men are put off by tom boys, and often competitiveness is also unattractive most men like girlie girls, but you are also only 18 so its a little early to start worrying.

  • Because you are 18, most guys your age are not looking for relationships.


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