Should I text him or wait till he texts me?

This may seem really silly, but there is this guy. We used to talk ALL THE TIME. One day he told me that he really liked me and couldn't stop thinking about me. I liked him too. And he's not a player. He barely talks to any girls.

But that was a year ago. And then out of no where we just stopped talking. I Texted him one time in that year, and he didn't text back. I didn't text him anymore because I didn't want to seem clingy or desperate.

But then three nights ago, he got a Facebook and added me. He messaged me right after I accepted and said, "Hey you should text me:)". I was kinda confused because like I said, we hadn't talked in over a year. He ended up texting me first (I didn't get the FB message until after I got the text from him). We had a long conversation and flirted some.

And he told me that the reason he hadn't texted me in so long was because he got a new phone. And I know that's true because I've seen it.

Then the day after he texted me again. We had a conversation going, and then out of no where he stopped texting. I didn't text him because I didn't want to seem clingy. But that was two days ago, and I miss talking to him. I thought maybe that he liked me again. What do you think? Do you think he might still like me? And also, would it be weird if I texted him tomorrow? I don't want to seem desperate, but I really want to talk to him. What should I do?


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  • Go ahead and text him once if he doesn't repond don't text him no more.


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  • Text him to see what's he up to. He could be testing you. You never know.

  • Just text him the worse he can do is not reply back to you.