Do guys really mean what they say when they're drunk calling?

Hey, so a guy friend calls me while he's drunk and I got mad at him for being drunk and hung up on him. So he calls and says that he cares about me that's why he called me and not the other girl that he's been talking to. ANOTHER day he gets drunk and I called HIM because I was upset about something that happened and was yelling at him. He yelled at me back and when I was about to hang up the phone, he begged me to never leave him at least 50 times and told me that he'll give up his life for me. He then started making promises to me as if we were in a relationship. What does that mean? Do guys speak the truth when they're drunk or do they just need any girl ? Some of my friends told me that guys only drunk call the person who they truly think about all the time and care for. I'm confused. Please help :)


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  • All depends if he remembers what he was saying to you drunk when he's sober. Question him about it the next day "do you remember what you said to me last night or were you too drunk?" ..say it in a fun way, nothing too serious and that's a pretty good start. If he remembers what he said and sounds like he's proud of remembering then yeah, chances are he means what he said. On the other hands if he denies remembering, gets embarrassed or in denial when you tell him what he said then he it's very likely that he didn't mean what he'd said when he'd had a few too many.

  • I heard guys say things they usually don't bring up when sober, so that might be true.