Dating websites.How to succeed on them?

What to say to women on dating sites to get them to respond?

Good 1st messages?

How to get women to meet?

They don't give me their number.Only respond to one message


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  • Read their complete profile and see if you have things on common with them that you can talk about. Ask her about her listed interests "even if you have to do a little research into them."

    Work your way up from emailing to phone conversations with women. Let them get to know you a bit before you meet in person. And when you meet in person, the first few times should be in public during the day if possible, that will make them feel safer.

    I'm assuming you have decent photos of yourself on the site. Most women won't give you the time of day without them. Good luck dude.


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  • Say something original, be polite and overall be a gentleman.

    From dating website experience myself, most the messages I got were "ur hot lol" or something equally as unimaginative. Introduce yourself, "Hello there, my name is _ . I noticed your profile and it really caught my eye! I'd enjoy a chat sometime if you'd be up for that? Let me know, Regards _"

    ...or something along those lines! You get the picture.

    Whenever I used a dating site and got a personal and somewhat heart felt message, I'd be happy, respond and feel quite positive that someone decent might actually be interested.

    Keep it quite light, you're all on a dating website for the same reason, don't dance around the subject that everyone on there is looking for love and just because one woman doesn't respond doesn't necessarily mean someone else won't! Good luck.

  • You have to just chat text email like you meet them face to face. Don't lie will get you lol


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  • I met a women who I was in a 3-year relationship with from a dating website. My advice... Don't use dating websites. In fact, if you want some serious advice, send me a message.

  • How to succeed on them? Don't use them.

    Online dating sites are packed with broken people and people with way too low or way too high a level of expectation of the people they're going to meet there. Don't get your expectations up with these sites. Half the time these places are filled with angry bitter people mad that they can't meet anyone decent and the other half they're filled with scam artists.

    Sure some people get lucky on these sites but you only know about them because they get focused on by the site as a testimonial if they're even remotely successful.

    • I would beg to disagree. I use internet dating sites because I am a single mom - I don't have time to go hang out at bars or restaurants, not can I fill up my weekends with activities in order to meet other people. I don't have low self esteem - in fact, I'm fine with my life now, but it would be icing on the cake to meet someone who can share my life with. I have yet to meet my life partner online, but I can tell you I have met many decent, stable, solid men online - just no chemistry.