Is fighting normal for relationships?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for just over 7 months now and starting recently we've been arguing about the smallest things. I feel like he's always freaking out over something. I try to be patient and compromising, but sometimes I feel like he only sees his side of the argument. I know he cares about me and I know that he knows I care about him, and we always end up making up, but it takes a lot out of me to fight with him. I don't like seeing him upset.

Is this normal for relationships or are we doing something wrong? :(

most of our fights recently have been about him feeling left out of our group of friends. he feels like no one likes him and that even I don't want him around. It really blows up because when he gets upset, I get silent (I don't like making a scene) and then it makes the whole thing worse. I don't want to put the blame on anything- but he is autistic so I try to be understanding and listen when he gets upset, especially about social situations since I know it's not always his fault it upsets him


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  • everybody who is in a relationship is gonna's normal...the problem is when he stops fighting...then I'd start worrying, because he fights because he cares...when he stops fighting for you or with you that means he stopped caring. not to get to personal here but how is yall sex don't have to answer just something to think about...i know as a man if I am pent up after some sex I lose that pent up's like a release if you will. again you don't need to answer just food for thought,


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  • Woah! Don't buy into the whole "worry when he stops fighting" lines in these other answers.

    I've been through a good number of relationships and only ONE of them involved "regular" bickering/arguments. Arguments are BOUND to happen, sure, but if they start happening regularly, that's a bad thing.

    Flipping out over little things is stupid. People that do this tend to break up. So many people do this that it makes the "break up" and "divorce" rates skyrocket.

    • Note: couples CAN discuss areas of mutual disagreement WITHOUT getting huffy puffy and arguing about them... It's called "healthy" vs "unhealthy" means of communicating.

  • some times its good for healthy relations but excess is always dangerous.


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  • is he being patient and 'compromising', as well?

    it sounds like he's picking fights, over nothing, & you're racing to makle itr 'ok;. if you want ihm to stop acting like a baby. stop treating him like one.

    its reasonable to problems you want to discuss with your partner-rationally& respectfully. you don't sound like your discussing anything. as in. the problem BEFORE the tantrum. juat get upset. & trey to fix it.

    try having regular discussions, so there's no excuse to fly off the handle. if he's still picking fights, somethings wrong& he's not being honest.

    minimally stop playing up to his sh*tty attitude. unless you're leaving stuff out. he's just taking advantage of your 'not liking to see him upset' . I e, he's being a spoiled brat, & you're encouraging him.

    can you give some examples, of fights uve had & compromises youve made. or was it just a figure of speech?

  • Like badgrim said, you should worry when you stop fighting. Fighting just shows he still loves you and cares for you and your opinions do count, except he is being hard headed and only sees his side of the story. Partners in relationships are meant to fight with each other, that's what makes a relationship stable and great. It is also very normal, you just have to explain to him that he isn't listening to your opinions and only his own.

  • it would depend in how much you fight.

    but a bit is normal, no one is perfect. if it's every single day, then it's not.