22 and still single, what could I do?

Have you ever honestly felt like your destined to stay single? I'm 22 years old and I feel like I'm always going to be alone after a chain of a failed love life. I've been on countless dates and only get up to the third date before it's over. My personality is shy at the start but then get... Show More

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  • i'm 23 and in the same boat, I feel your pain

    • It really sucks :-/ I read an article on this website that was really good for singles, unfortunately I can't post the link because I'm only xper level 3 but if you go to the Articles tab up the top and click it the title is "Feeling forever alone? Helpful tips for singles!" it helped me feel a little better and hope it can be of some help to you too :)

    • i'll have to check it out