22 and still single, what could I do?

Have you ever honestly felt like your destined to stay single?

I'm 22 years old and I feel like I'm always going to be alone after a chain of a failed love life.

I've been on countless dates and only get up to the third date before it's over. My personality is shy at the start but then get comfortable. I make conversation on the date as well as listen, polite, funny sometimes and always offer to pay or go halves.

I'm definitely not the prettiest girl out there but I do visit the gym and try to take care of myself.

What could I do to find someone?


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  • i'm 23 and in the same boat, I feel your pain

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      It really sucks :-/ I read an article on this website that was really good for singles, unfortunately I can't post the link because I'm only xper level 3 but if you go to the Articles tab up the top and click it the title is "Feeling forever alone? Helpful tips for singles!" it helped me feel a little better and hope it can be of some help to you too :)

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      i'll have to check it out