How do you kiss a guy?

Like how do you lean in, where do you put your mouth, what do you do with your mouth? Lots of detail please. I'm completely clueless.


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  • You just lean in, move your face closer, tilt your head to one side or the other (you'll know which side at the time) so that you don't bump each others' noses, and you pucker up. Sorta move your mouth with his, and if a tongue comes in, just sorta caress your tongue with his. If you want you can put it in yourself.

    All in all though kissing is mostly instinct. You'll find that out when you do it. But really you have nothing to worry about, because on top of kissing being an instinctual thing, it's virtually impossible to screw it up so bad that it's not nice. Seriously, a kiss is almost always fun, and out of the countless number of girls I've kissed, only one was ever bad. So believe me, you won't screw this up.

    Good luck.


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  • I was also wondering about that.

  • it just happens. you look him in the eyes and he will be looking back to you and you will be standing close. usually it happens naturally like a reflex. one of you leans in and so does the other until your lips are touching..