Do I contact her? Leave her alone?

So I met this girl she's separated so she's not interested in a relationship. But there's attraction, we were together a few times.

Anyway, we were going to be friends (had been for a month or so) but recently she pretty much cut off contact with me with no explanation. I had fun spending time with her and kind of miss that whole side of things.

We haven't talked in a week or so. Do I just leave her alone? She ignored my last couple texts a week ago and I don't want to be all stalkery so I've been letting her have her distance.

If it were a relationship I'd just assume it was done and move on, but since it's mostly a friendship I'm kind of lost on what I should do. Any advice?


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  • if she's not answering your texts maybe its time to call her,..ask her what's really going on and why she's acting the way she is I'm sure there'd be some sort of explanation that'll suffice. If you don't like the friendship you have with her you might wanna suggest something else you want to her over the phone as well. I hope all goes well, good luck!


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  • Aww its okay! I still like you! I had fun when I spent the night over. You were so good at it! Thank you! ...And yes I would like to do it again! I can't wait! How does tomorrow afternoon sound?! Lets go jogging babe, ttyl!

  • I think she is not interested. Whether she found someone else or not, she doesn't want to go any further. Sorry to put it that way to you.

  • let it be.


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