Heart Says Put up with it, My Brain Says run.. (complicated, long story)

So, why not make it into a story...

Once upon a time. There was the hottest, sexiest, funniest girl I have... Ahem, Sir Durrant ever had laid his eyes upon. OK that's not working either..

We first met at work.. I was the bread guy.. And she was a receptionist. At the age of 18, when I met her she was 25.

I instantly had a crush on her. And after a hwile, we started to talk. She found me cute, funny, and nice.. All of the same I noticed in her.. But there was a catch, she was a party girl. And a sexy one. This girl, is a girl girls hate.. She grabs the attention of all men when she walks by.. I fell in love with her.. And she liked me.. Her and her boyfriend split.. And I was there to make her feel better.. But what I didn't know, is she started seeing her ex's best friend.. And they partied a lot together.. Slept Around.. And I asked her out.. She said no... One night, she came by my work drunk.. And pretty much just wanted me... I knew she was drunk, and I didn't go for it.. Instead.. We Just kissed... And a few days later.. I asked her out.. And she said no.. It turned out that. She got pregnant.. And I moved right after she found out. I never knew until a year after.. I seen her Facebook... It hurt, and I got over it.. Two years later.. We started to message each other. And things got deep.. I fell in love with her again.. And She fell in love with me.. After months and months of texting. We started a long distance relationship.. And a few months after. I moved back to that small town.. To be with her.. We have been dating for a year and a half now.. Its been up and down.. This is the beginning of my question.. And its not been fully explained... What do you think so far..

Thankyou for your replys.. But I think its time I go on..

Ive never felt like she truly loves me.. For the first five months, she seemed unsure..

She diddnt like to go anywhere public with me, when her friends were around

she would move to another guy so it would look like she was not with me..

That passed with time, but I never have met any of her guy friends..

When I am at work tho she has them over to hang out. Sometimes she tells me that.

I had to ask the day after tho.
But she always hides it and never tells me until I ask. And I hate to ask. She has so many guys who want her.. I feel like she has a kid, and since I am willing to take on her debt. And Her kid. That I am a keeper.. Feel as if she thinks she has to be with me.. She doesn't want me to spend the night. I always have to ask. And it turns into this, big deal.. And then after she let me a few weeks after. But one night I woke up alone and she was sleeping with her son.
She bought me shampoo, and a toothbrush.. I thought that was a good sign. But then I have not spent the night since.. Months... Sex, sex is a rare sight.. She went on birth control. three months ago.. And we have had sex once.. She never is the one to start it tho.. I always make the first move. Normally she puts me down.. Ok, that clears sex..


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  • I think you need to listen to your brain. I don't care how happy a person is or how sad they maybe. The heart just wants to be loved but the brain knows what best. It seems that their is more to the story that you didn't say but I've been in a similar situation. I knew I didn't want to be with this guy but because he was the only person I've ever been with, I was too comfortable to leave. plus, I hate change. Anyways, Something happened, he had to leave and I was relieved. Its like, the brain knows what it wants! Its just to hard to tell that to your heart. So... Yea, just listen to your mind.


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  • Party Girl Stage is one thing, girls grow out of that stage. If her life still is not put together, get out of there, man! You gotta learn to walk ahead, and let go. She once captivated your heart, things change.

  • Take you brain and run as fast and as far as you can.

    She is nothing but bad news

  • Well, just by the title, there's a but to this story. You said you love her, so why do you want to run from it? Are you getting bored of her? Is she not all you'd think she'd be?

  • So, what are you asking?

  • It don't sound like she is doing anything wrong. Don't let her go if you love and want to be with her. Everyone makes mistakes, and maybe she didn't want to date you when you to first met was because she didn't know what she wanted and didn't want to hurt you. Don't let her go if there is no problems. Yes she might have a kid but no one has it all honey. If your truly love her, and care for her stay with her, because if you don't figure it out soon by the time you do it might even just be to late. Don't leave her if you know for sure that you want her. Give your relationship time don't run away when things get bumpy every relationship has its ups and downs but they always get better or sometimes they get worse but you can run from your problems if you even have any, but you both need to decide on what you want and if it's each other then stay with her and make her happy :)


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