Should I ruin my happiness for her to get another guy again?

i have never had a problem like this before, I have no idea how to handle it.

so, this new guy started at my work place. he has been home schooled all his life and this is his first job. on his first day me and one of my friends were sitting at a booth on our lunch break and we saw him and his twin come in. we decided to see where they would sit (stupid I know lolz). so she sat on on side of the bench she sat on the other. we had scooted all the way over to the window to make room. the twin didn't sit with us but Jordan (the guy I'm talking about) did. he sat next to me and we started talking. I was excited! he picked me! and then as days went by we talked more and more. I started to really like him.

then my little sister came to my work place. -_- that pissed me off. every guy I have ever liked always ditched me for her. she started flirting with him and getting his attention. I immediately backed off (to save my heart the ache and pain of rejection).

he didn't. he followed me. it seems he is ignoring her outward charm (first guy ever to do that. my little sister is a real heart breaker) and he kept coming toward me. so I started talking to him again.

and yesterday he told me he loved me. O.O I smiled and said aw I love you too. then as an after thought he came and hugged me goodbye (we had been at work and I was getting off) and he said I like you best. does that mean he wants to date? what do I do? do I ask him or should I wait for him to ask me? and even though she is mean, should I date him? I don't want to hurt my little sister... I like him a lot... should I ruin my happiness for her to get another guy again? blah xP


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  • No, you said it yourself your little sister has basically robbed you of all the guys you have been interested in; why shouldn't you deserve at least one guy that seems to continue to be interested in YOU and not be dissuaded by your sister? To me it just seems a little obvious that you should flirt back and get to know him at the very least, he's making an attempt to get closer to you and if you really are interested in him then you should also extend the effort to give him a chance I think.

    Whatever you end up deciding I wish you the best of luck and God bless! ^-^


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  • Why is this even a question? Your sister only wants him because you want him. If you live your whole life trying to make others happy you'll never be happy yourself. Go for it and see where it takes you. Your sister seems like she'll get over it and find a new boy toy.

  • You can't just let your sister and he jelousy control the way you feel. You make decisions in your life. SO no need for you to back off ,specially when Jordan said he loves you AND he ignores your sisters desperate actions to seduce him.

  • This guy likes you and you like him. Go out with him.

    Screw your sister. She's not even part of the equation here.


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