Is online dating that sketchy?

Can meeting someone online be that sketchy? I've been talking to people online and have actually considered wanting to meet them -- then I get freaked out. I'm talking to this person on the internet and they seem to be quite amazing -- but there's a chance they're someone different.

How do you view it?


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  • You could ask them to send a personalized pic of them to prove that they look like you think they do. As far as getting to know who they really are, that's what dating is for. You meet someone, get to know them, and determine whether you would like to be in a relationship with them. They have told some small lies or stretched the truth to make themselves look better as most people do on the internet.

    When or if you meet them, do so in public places and tell your friends/family where you are and when they should expect you back. That's just to err on the side of caution. They could be and probably are perfectly normal, nice enough people. I believe the media, as it always does, over hypes stranger danger.


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  • Only agree to meet in a public place. If they don't look like in their picture then bounce.

  • Ask to add them on Facebook. That way you could see if they really are who they say they are. If they say they don't have a Facebook, they are most likely lying and have something to hide.

    • Facebook is not a guaranteed way of getting to know someone, I put stuff on my Facebook which is just a load of crap. I am certainly not going to put my life story and what sort of person I am like to everyone. I just use it to keep in contact with old friends or friends I might want to see again. same for dating sites. they act all fake behind a computer screen.

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