Is he manipulating me?

He will give me love and then take it away again. He will be warm and affectionate and then act as if I'm unimportant. It is like giving a puppy cuddles and then ignoring it, and then giving it cuddles again. When he is cold I feel down and I want him to be warm to me again, and then when he is warm and loving, suddenly he will be cold again. It is making me needy for his attention and love. He is emotionally stable and we have been dating about 9mths.


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  • He is emotionally abusive. That's no brainer.

    I have been there. I've been burned before and thus I really want you to step away from him and go live your life to the fullest and find a man who would give you his all, cherish you, value you and make you happy.

    He will drive you crazy and eat your soul alive my dear. My ex used to become so lovey dovey when I become upset and then become very feelingless, numb and whatnot whenever I need love or we're doing good.

    It is indeed a form of control. He thinks he owns you. He thinks he owns your mood, your happiness, your soul and everything else about you. He can control you like a puppet.

    Let me tell you this...IT ONLY GETS WORSE.

    So, don't stay hoping he would change because he won't. My ex used to become worse and worse over time. He drained me emotionally.

    Be smarter than me and go find yourself a better man sooner than later.

    Good luck dear.


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  • He is giving you this emotional roller coster treatment so he can in the end control them, this is classic player tactics, so next time he goes cold, do the same to him, but don't back down, this way if he is into you, he will make the first move, and then you have control, never show a guy how much you really care, just show enough, and if they act like this, then your better off without, because his emotions for you are limited,x


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  • Yes he's manipulating you and a inconsistent guy like that needs to be stayed away from. It will only get worse and you'll end up getting more and more hurt. Get out of there!

  • Mybf is like that and you should listen to her she is so right