Should I text her? if so what should I day ?

SO I've met this girl a long time ago, and we used to text and go put all the time. Then came a cool off period off a couple off month and now we hit it again. Anyway I live in Spain so over here this is not a question that should be asked but I really don't know what to do. I really like this girl but don't show it too much. She is the one to text me first most of the time and I usually respond with simple texts, sometimes we flirt and talk all day.

Anyway a couple days ago she texted me and talked for a bit, then she didn't respond to my text( she started the convo)... its now been like 4 days and she still hasn't done it. I think she wanted me to ask her out but I didn't course I was busy. Should I text her again and what should I say or should I just wait?

btw I'm really soory if this was very poorly written, I was in a hurry :P


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  • Say " hey, how has your day been going? Hopefully amazing! Chat soon :)" . Remember to add the smiley face because the smiley face is a very simple yet effective gesture on showing her you're happy and excited to chat with her.


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  • Just text her- be like "hey what's up?" she might be sick of making the first move all the time

  • Just text her saying "hey what's new" and add smiley faces :) Also if you think that she wants you to ask her out you could always text her asking to hang out and then see where it goes from there ;)


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