What I do about this girl?

I saw, and was "getting with" a girl for a couple of months, and she was great for me. I asked her to be my girlfriend twice, and twice she said no, but still wanted to be "together" and referred to us as "us" and wanted to go to prom together. The week after her prom, I asked her again what was going on between us, and she said she decided she'd wanted to be in a relationship with me, but wanted to "surprise me" with it. Beginning the next day, she started being kind of inconsiderate toward me, unlike how she acted before we were "dating." After a few days, she began pms-ing and started being legitimately mean to me. After a few days, it lessened, but continued for another two weeks. We then went to my prom, during which she was very mean and inconsiderate to me, and was mean to me afterward and just wanted to go to sleep in my bed instead of hang out and kiss, or something. The next day, I found out she had told people she's hardly friends with embarrassing information about my p*nis, after I had asked her repeatedly if anything about it bothered her and she wouldn't say anything. We got in a fight over it. The next night I drove to her house unannounced, and she broke up with me on the grounds that she'd lost all feelings for me over the past week. I then found out from friends that she's said very mean things about me both after and during our official "relationship," but when I asked her if I had done anything wrong or if anything about me bothered her she said there was nothing - that she just didn't like me anymore. It's been a few days since the break-up, and she'll still talk to me as friends if I text her, though the night of the break-up and the day after she would text me asking if I was "ok." My friend also saw her walking around with another guy yesterday - four days after we broke up. She wasn't a very good girlfriend to me, but I think that after having time apart we could rebuild something great again. I don't want to give myself false hope, as I don't think she would reconsider, but none of it makes sense and I don't want to let go. So my question is: What should I do? Should I just forget about her and move on, or honestly consider the possibility that she'll revert to being good to me again? She's the first girl I've really liked in a long time and I just don't know what to do.


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  • Honestly? 'kay, here it goes...forget her. She has treated you in a very inconsiderate manner. She was not a good girlfriend the first time, and she won't be a good girlfriend the second time...or the third time...or how ever many times you want to give her. She is untrustworthy, inconsiderate, and not very nice (sounds like anyway).

    I'm sorry you were treated in this way. You should not talk to her. Tell your friends to no longer tell you about anything she says.

    Someone will come along and treat you better. Don't settle now.


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  • don't think anything about her anymore and move on your life.she is no longer interested in u.i think you should accept the reality.


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  • She sounds like a real moron.

    Cut her off and don't look back.