He asked me out to dinner, but I don't know if he's expecting something..help!

It started out by him asking me to prom (I didn't really talk to him often before). I didn't really have the choice to say yes given the circumstances under which he asked me. Anyway, after asking me to prom, these are the things he did: he said he wanted me to have the most amazing prom ever, asked me about the corsage and other prom stuff, asked me to go to a BBQ he was ish-hosting, asked me to dance at the school boat cruise and then finally, he asked me out to supper. I don't want to assume he wants it to be a romantic date because he might want to go just as friends to get to know each other for prom... what do you think?


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  • He's interested.

    You can judge at the dinner whether it's just as a friend or more.


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