How would you suggest this without being awkward?

So if I want to take a girl to Applebee's and want to do 2 for 20... how would you suggest that without it sounding weird?


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  • Tell her they have the deal and ask for her to come with you... rather than bring her there and then tell her while she's looking at the menu...

    • I agreed my coworkers that on restaurant anniversary. Let her know first and get to buy into this deal.

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  • Hopefully she has some cash to put in on the date. lol. I would just bring it up and see if she is able to do it. If not, then pick another special or a cheaper place to eat.

  • Lmao.I never knew that guys worried about these sort of things. Well just be upfront and be all like "the 2 for 20 deal sounds good. What do you think?" it's as simple as that. She will then answer. Lol best of luck! :D


What Guys Said 2

  • "Hey listen woman. You're not worth more than the 2 for $20."

    Any other response other than a meek approval and you can beat her.

    lol... just kidding.

    Go ahead and just suggest it to her. I don't think saving money on a good deal is unattractive, unless of course she's a bitch, and in which case, you'd be doing yourself a favor by finding out.

  • Just be like "Hey, Applebees has this 2 for $20 deal, I have the $20 and was wondering if you'd help me out with the 2." Hahaha... idk... A bit corny, but some girls seem to enjoy corny.