If your in a relationship, is it necessary to text/call your girlfriend or boyfriend everyday?

Just wondering if my boyfriend should text me everyday, or do we always need to talk or text everyday. Personally, I like texting him everyday but should I expect him to text everyday?

But if he doesn't text me everyday, does that mean that my boyfriend doesn't like me or?


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  • What YOU do is OK = everyday


    what OTHERS do is not to be judged by you, no matter the reason - else you will suffer this same blind judgement fate when innocent.

    If you really NEED a Boyfriend to text everyday, then your choices are clearly to either

    wait until his life & motivation fit that everyday pattern

    or find another Boyfriend that must comm everyday like you.

    I like the idea that you have lots of friends that text you to keep boredom away, while you wait for the fav Boyfriend to text something special when time allows. This is what I do, as I am an everyday guy but my one & only can't always do this - but tries like hell ...


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  • nope.. actually I find it somewhat needy

    you know if you eat your single favorite food dish everyday and every time; not anything just your favorite dish.. will you like it after 1-2 months ? same applies here

    SCARCITY attracts people if you know what I'm talking about ...


  • Nope, you definitely shouldn't expect him to text everyday or even talk everyday. That usually comes off as being needy or clingy. Sure, it's nice to text or talk a lot, but it's definitely not necessary and shouldn't be expected. Also, texting shouldn't be used for actual conversations that matter. Real/good conversations should be in person (best) or over the phone, but never over text. Texting isn't that great because it's very hard to tell exactly what a person means since it's just text/writing with no emotion, or even audio at all.

  • NO!


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  • It's not necessary to text everyday. Your conversation(s) with him will get boring.

    It's good to have some personal space, and leaves room to talk more about what went on about your day.

    Texting/calling everyday will come off as needy/clingy.

    Not everbody is going to have time to talk with their significant other for days on end. However, it is nice to send out text message saying you're thinking about him or missing him.

  • i like my space so personally no. if I got in a relationship it woud be a two way street about giving each other enough space as well as being together.

    i would not mind texting everyday if we were just good friends, like some of my friends and I do, mostly women though but if we were dating, heck no

  • Ive been with my boyfriend for over 3 years and we call each other everyday, even when we moved in together, if were apart for half the day we contact each other.

    Doesnt mean he doesn't like you if he doesn't text daily, your young and you have other main focuses. At this point its not necessary to know what he's doing and where he is all the time. As long as he shows interest, responds when you contact him and makes an effort as much as you do then don't make a big deal about it.