My girlfriend doesn't text me as much anymore?

Me and my girlfriend have been going out for 2 weeks now, not much. Well she always texted me first everyday and we would text the whole day,she be telling me all these lovey-dovey sweet things to me and how she is so happy to have me and that she falls for me everyday,start flirting and all these... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • girls LOVE it when you text them first. in fact, she could be pulling back to see if you'll initiate anything. yes, you texted her first for the first time, but it wasn't to say something sweet like "good morning" or "how's your day" it was about a problem. I know this sounds bad, but girls expect guys to show interest first, and from what it sounds like, she's been showing a lot of interest but in a girl's mind when she's always initiating the text or the call it feels like you're not as interested in her as she is in you. step up to the plate and start texting her randomly to say sweet things or just to let her know she's on your mind. you have to show interest too, or else she's just going to assume that you're not as interested and move on.