I want something less casual, but don't want to scare him off

I want to ask out a guy that I have been sleeping with because at the moment it is a bit too casual for me. BUT I don't want to scare him off, because I honestly don't think it's ever gonna be serious.

I am happy for something casual, but I want to be more than his last resort at the end of the night. So, how can I ask him to hang out without making it sound like I want to start dating him?


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  • no need to talk about it just start getting more serious about him. how? Have really awesome sex... make it seem like you can't get enough of him and you reallyy want to see him during the day and at night, let it happen naturally, don't force things, if he wants to see you more he will make the time...

    • haha yes I would like more sex! but really, I am not working at the moment and I am bored and want to hang out with him. also, he is super shy

    • well if he's working, respect the hours he works, but if he is avoiding you due to shyness, boost his ego, coompliment him on the sex, or maybe just be a better friend towards him, listen to him when he talks about family or work stresses, help him and give him advice, the more he likes being around you the more time he will want to be with you and the sex will be better/more intimate too... just keep your distance as a friend and not a girlfriend, keep from being clingy and hope that he doesn't

    • get too attached to you either, unless it's something you both want.


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  • Try telling him what you just said. No need to ask anyone but him. Ask him directly, explain your concerns of loosing him or freaking him out and make it clear to him what you would like. See what he says. Believe it or not most guys can't decipher the round about approach and many don't even try anymore. Be direct...it'll surprise you.

    • How do I say that I want to see him, but not as a date - just a hang out, catch-up. I am not worried about losing him, as such. I am worried that he'll say no cos he thinks I am wanting to get serious.

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  • When do you usually see him for sex? For me even for causal sex he have to take you to eat or hang out sometimes. Just ask him unless he state that he want just casual relationship in the beginning.