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So I meet a guy who is about 5 years older then me twenty something and I'm 18. He was nice and sweet to me. I was shocked because he looked so mature yet when he texted somewhat like a teen. His last message was I miss you sad face. He hasn't texted me in three days. I'm confused and can't stop thinking about him. Does he want me to text him? What do I text him? Was he just messing with me Guys enlighten me please.


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  • you should text him


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  • I'm a 19 year old college student, so I have a lot of friends your age. Whenever one of my friends has been involved with a guy more than 5 years older than her it ends badly. I can recall 2 of these instances, the first ended with my friend being asked to join a polygamous relationship with him and his girlfriend, the other ended with my friend driving to his dorm 40 minutes away, sleeping with him, then having her texts ignored and being blocked on Facebook.

    ...Just saying

  • Yeah... he was trying to start a conversation and you didn't answer?

    • We had been talking and it was late so I said goodnight and he replied goodnight I miss you sad face. Since then haven't heard from him.

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    • Well that makes a lot of sense.

      Thanks! :D

    • Sure, glad to help.

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  • He wants you to text him.