He just texted me..why?

I ended things with my friends with benefits about a month ago, because he was an a**hole pretty much lol I had no contact with him, deleted him off of fb, deleted his number everything and everything was going great I was moving on..then BAM he texts me saying he misses me, nothing else but that. I didn't write back but honestly he didn't try to stop me when I was leaving so why all of a sudden he "misses" me?

Well I texted back saying "seems weird you miss someone that you made no effort to see" and he never responded, once again ignoring me. Now I feel like an idiot and should have just ignored the text..but I was just so mad and wanted to say something! :s


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  • "friends with benefits". Does he "miss" YOU or does he miss SEX? MAYBE, since you've ended things with him, he's taken the time to re-evaluate you and NOW he sees you as more than just a Piece of A$$ with No Strings Attached. MAYBE he is saying to himself, $hit, I SHOULD'VE been BETTER to her because I actually had a GOOD one there.

    Or, again, he COULD just be seeing if you may be interested in "hooking up" again. The ONLY way you will have your answer is if you talk to him.

    I just don't see any other viable possibility. He either figured out that you're actually more than a warm, wet hole and that he lost somebody great; or he is trying to see if you've actually closed AND locked the gate behind you or if you've left it unlocked just in case he came back to see you.

    I hope this helps, but it seems that the only TRUE way you'll know is to simply ask, "Why'd you text me that?" Who knows, you may end up finding that HE isn't a bad guy, too! Seriously, though, other than that I don't see any other way to answer this particular question! Good luck to you and I do hope you get your answer (AND that it's one you want to hear).

    • Thank you, that might be the reason..but what if he only wants sex and I respond and look like an.idiot again. if he really wants to see me again...he cab try a little harder!

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    • And not everything is as complex as you make it seem. They were friends with benefits and she broke it off because he was an a**hole. He's still an a**hole only now he's not getting any. The world is full of broken hearts because women keep thinking men will change. Instead of trying to play nice and giving her false hope you need to read the situation like it is. If he was actually serious about turning over a new leaf he'd make a bigger gesture then "I miss you" via text.

    • It's not my truth. It's the world's.


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  • I don't know how IamBJC wrote such a long response.

    It's pretty clear cut: He misses having sex with you.

    • bingo. don't buy it.

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    • Rhetorical question, Farley. I'm over here trying to save this girl from heart break and all you're doing is giving her false hope. Men don't change. And in the rare occasion they do, it's not over a FWB break up. This is life. There is a time for optimism and then there is a time for realism. Now is the time for realism.

    • I will defer any further discussion to the Lord Master MreEM4N because he clearly cannot accept that other people may not see things the same way he does and in his little corner of the world there is no room for those who don't. Good luck to you, and I hope you get the answers you need. As for you, I am here giving of myself with no expectation of anything in return other than basic courtesy. I am not here to fight with jackasses who can't accept somebody else's opinions. I'm done here.

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  • Just ignore his text. I've been in your shoes and honestly he's clearly not that into you or he would have actually made a real attempt to get you back. Sending you a text saying he misses you is just a way to bait you and see if you'll be tempted to continue things.

  • He misses having sex with you, there's something special with you that he couldn't find while having sex with other girls.