Is online dating a bad thing?

I've heard of my friends meeting weirdos, guys who just want sex, and finding a good one is rare. You could be like dang he sex but then it turns he a super freak...Then the fair of when you actually meet...


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  • Meeting someone on the net can be the same as going to meet them IRL. The biggest difference however is people online have the anonymity of the Internet to hide behind. Because of the anonymity they can say things and act however they please really with out fear of reprisal. Lets face it, few people have the resources to track people down on the Internet and show up at their house. Jay and silent Bob are the exception and not the rule to this :P. You can find good people on the net, but it takes an extraordinary amount of time, energy, patience and effort to sift through all the idiots you will run into. You also need to have a bit of a strong will to deal with the amount of idiots you'll find and is definitely not easy.

    I can honestly say I have found some good people online, I have been playing online games for over a decade now. About 5 years ago I started playing a game with a guy and now 5 years later I know him so well he invited me to his wedding. Keep in mind I have never met this person nor do we live in the same state. The only contact we have had is voice communication using a Ventrillo server. So is online dating a bad thing? This answer is not a definite yes nor is it a definite no, it is yes and no, a grey area.

    Keep in mind that in real life you can also run into idiots, there are many people out there that are good at acting, showmanship and manipulation. These are usually the people who date other people and use them for sex, or the people who are trying to elevate their social status. Whatever you decide to do make sure to be careful with meeting people online and IRL. As the old saying goes; take it with a grain of salt.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it, I hope my understanding of the situation and opinion has helped a little. :)

    • that's a good way to put it :) thanks...


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  • Online dating sucks. I consider myself above average looks, funny, and interesting. I am in college now so I don't have a fancy job for my age but that is the only drawback and I can't find anyone halfway normal. My ex tried it once and she met a guy who had a full beard that wasn't in his pics (she hates facial hair) and he talked down about her political beliefs and said women have terrible political opinions.

    Also there are a lot of women who are on there just to get a self-esteem boost so for guys it is hard to find anyone who is willing to actually meet you so you are sometimes drawn to meet with women that you aren't completely interested in on paper. Online dating really sucks for guys.

    I can't put it into words but everyone ends up meeting the wrong people for them online. It is better than just sitting in your house alone but not by much. Of course I might be bitter about it since I don't have a high dating market value. I'm sure there is a young millionaire on the dating sites I'm on who looks like Ryan Gosling and all of the women are just competing for him just as how it is in real life.


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  • I have friends who would tell me "I know someone who met their husband online". I suppose it happens and I met some nice guys from online dating, but I met more irritating guys than ones that I ever would have wanted a relationship with.

    A lot of guys do want casual sex and will use any site to look for hookups. I think you have to know how to weed undesirable people out and not just date anyone who makes a couple of contacts. You also have to have the stomach for knowing that you will meet a lot of guys that you have no interest in and some that purposely misrepresent themselves, such as their height, fitness level or overall looks.

  • They're online for a reason.

    I just wouldn't trust it. You can be anyone behind a computer. My Mum met someone online. He just used her for a visa and if I explained everything he did, you would be reading until tomorrow night.