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I have just recently started talking this guy and we were on the phone the other night and we were into this conversation (which was going really well, both of us talking and laughing and so far so good...) where I ended up telling the high school embarrassing moment story. Well, afterwords he said he had to get his daughter in bed and that he would text or call me the next day...well, yesterday I didn't hear anything from him. I'm not sure if it's because of our conversation, or he had something to do with his daughter...or some actual reason. So, today I have been debating on contacting him...but I'm just not sure if I should. Should I wait? Is it okay to call/text him? Or do you think he just isn't into talking to me anymore? I am just confused...and it's probably something I shouldn't be confused about...I just thought I felt a connection with this guy. (The guy is 22)

~Ok, so I didn't call him, I planned to give it time. The funny part is that right after I submitted this question I heard from him. He texted me, we talked and we plan on hanging out the next time I'm in town. Thanks for the answers, they were helpful.


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  • They often say they will call the next day and for whatever reason they don't do it the next day. They wait a day or two. Whatever you do, don't call him. He said he'd call you, so be patient. Even though really your pulling your hair out and screaming inside, he doesn't have to know that. If you were getting good vibes from him, then all is good.

    Its sounds stupid and caveman like, but typically women are the selectors and men are the ones to pursue. So let him pursue you and you can make him wonder if you will select him. These are roles that have been built in our genetics, and it actually seems to work if you follow it.


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  • I suspect the guy is pretty overwhelmed with work and caring for his daughter when she stays at his place. Call him. Don't use texting to avoid the issue. It's a poor way to demonstrate interest, let alone intimacy.

    If you want to do the work to make him yours, you'll still take a backseat to his daughter, and you may have to deal with an ex-wife who won't be too pleased with her new replacement. That's a lot of investment when you can get a single man with more time, income, and emotional availability. Make sure you know what you're getting into.

    • Yes, you will never ever be his number one, so you'll have to accept that.

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  • Ok I think give it like 2 more days...a dn if he doesn't then you could like text him... and if he responds and talks again ur prob fine and he was prob busy... but if he doesn't answer or really respond then he might not be into u. but if its becuz of some stupid embarrassing moment then he's not worth it. good luck :)