Is he trying to play hard to get?

this guy and I have been planning on hanging out, we have had sex a couple times but that was almost a year ago. just recently we have started talking again and about 3 times we have decided to hangout (he always asks) the first time I had a really bad stomach ache and couldn't. the next time he asked we where going to catch up that day but my mum was away and he was still little sick so we said he can just text me during the week when he wants me to come over. well yesterday night he texted me and we made plans to see each other today I was meant to go help out my parents with work but I told him I would ditch to hangout with him. he said he will text me in the morning for like details. it is now 4pm and he still hasn't texted me... he has a girlfriend so his not playing hard to get or anything.. unless his playing hard to get for a friendship... but that would just be stupid.. so I don't get it. why hasn't he texted me is he doing this on purpose? I even stayed home today so I could hang out with him instead of going to work with my parents and he knew that..

he texted me... he said he fell asleep alday


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  • guys don't usually play hard to get, ad it wouldn't be called that if your just trynna be friends. just relax and let the friendship happen naturally, if it doesn't oh well, you probably shouldn't be trying so hard to get so close to a guy you slept with whose now in a need to respect boundaries, and stop being so desperate and waiting by the phone for this guy to just be your friend. go find other single friends


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  • I'm sorry dear but it sounds like he is only in it for the sex.. and if he has a girl then you should leave him alone.

  • Jeeze your some child sLlut why go for a guy wu already has a gf? R you that ugly?