Guys: Do you ever pretend to not know what is wrong or do you really not know?

I was friends with benefits with a guy(initiated by him) and the time that we were he would keep asking if I had feelings for him. I kept denying cause I felt I'd lose him as a friend if he didn't have feelings for me too and make it awkward between us.Then one day(while hanging out) he starts talking about wanting to sleep with another girl. I have feelings for him so I got mad and ended up yelling and he asked "What's wrong?" . I just yelled "nothing" and left.

It seemed like he already knew that I liked him because he kept on asking.

So do guys ever pretend to not know what is wrong or do you really not know?


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  • I have never known a guy to *pretend* he didn't know what was wrong.

    Guys don't know. And when the girl says there's nothing wrong, they generally take the attitude "Well, if you're not going to tell me, I can't do anything about it."

    Guys like to solve problems, as a general rule. Being told you have to work out what the problem is before you can solve it, is pointless and annoying.

    So no, we don't pretend we don't know. We genuinely don't know. But the girl decides to play stupid mind games and insist angrily that "nothing" is wrong, we decide to take her at her word and do exactly f*** all to change anything.


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  • You told him you don't have feelings. Then you got mad for no reason. Unless he assumes you lied, how could he know?

  • if you really liked him then why did you keep denying?he can't read your mind girl

  • Well, I'm assuming he didn't know you had strong feelings towards him, so he didn't think you would react that way when he mentioned the other girl. He might know now though. Ask him.

  • If you're developing feelings for your FWB (which I don't condone in the first place)...then you need out of the FWB. Tell him how you feel, stop leading him on


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