Why Won't We Leave Each Other Along?

So this guys and I been dating for about 4 months. And at first when we hook up for the 2nd time, things were going good. But I think (A) it was because of me because I always use to talk down to him and talk sh*t to him and play like if I sleep with another guy and was rude and nasty to him. And he hated that some family and friends said OK the tables are going turn around on you E if you keep doing what your doing to him. SO months later it did and now how he acts is not cool. it's not about other females it's just the way he approach things and how he has conversations with me. It's like he is rude and be an ass about it and just nasty. SO I could not take it anymore so about last week or so I ended with him. :) I mean I felt like I was the one that was always doing things to better are relationship to fix it. But thing is the 1st time we broke up we always seem to not stop talking to each other, and that the thing about it now drives me crazy. Because I want space and he says No then he wants to talk on the phone like ever day. And I remind him dude I'm not your girlfriend anymore So I have no reason to be talking to you like that is not like I'm trying to be mean about just gotta let him know. But crazy thing about both of us are feelings are still very strong for each other I know that I want space but I feel odd when I don't hear from him and out of place. SO question is why can't we never stop talking after we broke up. Why why do I put up with him and all he dose it wanna be an ass to me and all we do still is argue and were not even dating. Help Please. thanks:)


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  • I tell my girl-friends This All the time " JUST BECAUSE YOU BROKE UP DOESNT MEAN THAT THE LOVE AND FEELINGS ALSO WENT AWAY. They don't they stay, love doesn't disappeared over night, and because the love is still there you still want to know about the other, And the reason why you too argue can be because both of you have a pride, sometimes in a relationship you need to pick your fights, you don't always have to be the one who right, its about meeting each other half way.


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  • Because you're emotionally attached to each other and/or you like the drama and the attraction between you two.


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  • You have a love/hate "Relationsh*t" lol