Guy texting me a lot. Is there anything more he's feeling than friendship?

OK so this guy was my partner for a class presentation. cute enough guy but after talking to him for bit in the library I wasn't feeling anything other than friendship actually I kinda felt he was a bit cocky. anyways I thought he felt the same about me seeing me just as a friend. but we text a lot like from 9am till midnight... its only been happening for a couple of days. and I'm starting to think that there is something up... at first we would text about the presentation and just casually text about other stuff... than after the presentation was done I still got texts from him I was a little surprised but I went a long Because you can never have too many friends right. we even started talking about girls in our class and how I felt he was digging one girl in particular. I teased him a bit about it he denies it but confesses he's interested but swears he doesn't like her. so hear I am thinking we are friends and all chummy chummy...then I realize we've been texting for days now he's gone bk to texting about normal life . I reply with my witty response. now the texts I feel are getting flirty and there a strange vibe... he's calling me a cute girl and stuff like then ..i just joke it off but is he starting to have feelings towards me or am I being paranoid


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  • Of course he's interested, he was from the start.


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  • of course he is into you. if he spends that much time texting you and complimenting you then he obviously likes you,