Afraid of eating with him, what should I do?

OK so I've been dating this guy for a year now, and I'm still scared to death of eating out with him, because the first time I did he started talking about what I had eaten to his dad right in front of me. I've had to go back to a restaurant with him and his family which makes it even more scary since all of them are there so I just said I wasn't hungry and avoided eating anything. What should I do I don't want them to think I'm a total freak, but I don't know what to do about it since I'm so scared so I started to just avoid even going to his house if I can what should I do? Help please.


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  • Um...they probably think you're a little odd for never eating. Most guys/people in general like people who don't have issues with eating way more than the people who are self conscious of every little thing they put in their mouths.

    I'm not really sure why this gives you anxiety it because you are afraid of them thinking you are a pig? or something else?

    • i just don't want to order something expensive or even go to an expensive resteraunt because I feel bad when people spend money on me and I also seem to have the luck of every time I go some place I've never been before even if I order something cheap it comes out a butload of food and I don't want to look like I'm wasteful by not eating all of it and I also don't want to look like a pig if I do eat most of it so I'm really stuck

    • You can always take food to-go if you can't/don't want to eat it all. As for feeling bad, just don't order the most expensive items on the menu and it will be fine. Or you can always insist on paying for yourself...


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  • First of all, you need to talk to your Boyfriend and explain how much it bothered you when he said that to his family. Make sure he knows not to do that crap again. And then, GO EAT. You're a human, so you eat, just like the rest of us. It's no big deal. Don't let one mistake of your BFs screw you up so much.


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  • your going to have to get over the eating in front of him. he eats and probably makes a mess. just eat but be polite about it.