Hallpass for Vegas...?

I've been seeing this guy for about a month, we're serious but he's heading to Vegas with the boys for a week and I said that he could have a hallpass on the condition that I don't hear about it later. I'm not the jealous type and I mean if I was going to Vegas with my friends who knows, right? Not that I'd go out of my way to sleep with other ppl, bbbbbut, more or less I was wondering if he would see this as a test or how should I come off to make him think I really don't care, cause realisticly I don't.


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  • If you are really serious about a person, there should be no desire to mess around when somewhere like Vegas. And I disagree with your "I don't care" approach. That will make him think he can get away with anything if you care so little, and that you aren't serious about your relationship going anywhere. If yall get serious, he may try to test you. As they say about teaching, always come in strong the first day because you can always loosen up. But you can't be loose in the beginning and try to be strict. Since you are so carefree at the ebginning, he will think it is strange if you start gettign jealous or anything if your relationship advances. So anyway, I say no do not give him a hall pass. There should be no question in your mind that he will be faithful to you.


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  • first off, NEVER and I mean! Never give anyone a Hall pass. I'll explain why.

    A relationship symbolizes two people committed to each other, why would you give him a hall pass, If he's not loyal, Kick him to the curb.

    second off, you should never test your lover, You have something on your mind? Talk to him. I think I can speak for all other men in the world, We hate games/tests women put us through where you can get the answer by simply asking.

    I highly advise you not to.

  • call him in the middle of the trip and tell him if he doesn't have a tale to tell that he won't tell you about, then it's not vegas... what happens in vegas, stays in vegas...

    Either that or go onto the chicken ranch's website and print off the homepage and hand it to him and say "here you go have fun, just keep it where you poked it"


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  • Why did you say this? How is it that you say you are "serious" but then you are trying to show him how much you don't care about whether either one of you is having sex with another person. I have been down this path, trying to look all cool only to realize later I was secretly thinking there was no way the guy I was seeing would take me up on my offer (oh and he did).

    I have been to Vegas about 20 times. Many of those times I was single. At no time did I ever feel the need to have sex with some random person. I don't consider casual sex to be part of having fun. So, right now I would just shut it and avoid the convo. You may have sunk your boat by either 1) making him think you are testing him 2) making him think you are fine with sex with other partners or 3) making him think you are not serious. If you stop talking about it now you stand a chance of him just brushing it off. Good luck.