Girls, would you refuse to date a guy who makes less than you?

And would you even respect him if he didn't make more than you?


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  • we would have to be in the same income level. if I make slightly more than him then no big deal but I can't have drastically more money than him. lets say I have 2 jobs and I bring in $400 a week (not a big deal but I'm a college student and 20 years old), he can't have like no money where he can't support himself or do anything. also lack of ambition is a huge turn off


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  • Never! Relationships are all about a connection on a intellectual and emotional levels (as well as similar morals and values), those are what matter to me first not how much he makes.

    However that being said, if he is some lazy bum who is unemployed and doesn't want to work, then probably not. But then again we would probably not have that connection in the first place.

    Basically to sum it up, money doesn't matter to me, as long as he accepts me for who I am!

  • No. However he does need to be able to support himself and not expect to mooch off me.

  • I make my own money. If I'm dating a guy it's because I'm interested in him as a person, not with income. NOW if he's just being a lazy ass then no way, but if he's doing the best he can for himself, and he's happy with his job then why would I have an issue with it? Only Gold digging ,lazy,broke,no good, greedy ass, trifflin' females worry about this type of thing. F*** it my mind is on my own pocket book, and that's all that counts.


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