Took him until he dated me to realize we're "too close"??

So where does that leave us now? And what does that even mean?


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  • It could mean, your rushing things.

    Or if you are old friends, it means that he knows to much about you and he does not want to risk the friendship.

    • hmm yeah we've been friends for a while.

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    • When you have lived a bit longer, you will understand.

    • hmmm yeah, I bet you're right. too bad, he's such a great guy. I wish we weren't such good friends.

What Girls Said 1

  • he said you were getting to close? if I'm understanding correctly, I believe he means that you are moving at a fast pace and it's frightening to be so close to someone in a short amount of time or that close in general with someone when he has been hurt or has trouble trusting others. I would ask him what he wants to do and how he feels

    • yeah, he does have a lot of trouble getting close to people and being open. I think he meant that we're too close of friends. I'm not really sure. he also told me that he thinks he figured out he just wanted me all along and never really wanted to date me. not sure what to say to all of that.

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    • haha I think it is too! I guess we'll see what happens

    • =) have fun haha.