What does this girl have in mind? Please help.

I dated a girl between November 2010 and February 2011. I fell in love with her, but didn't express my feelings directly. But then, she began to love her colleague, and even her marriage was fixed with him. She told me this casually. At that point, I confessed my love for her. She was in tears. She said that she too liked me a lot, but felt I didn't respond to her feelings, so she decided to move on. Yet she cried a lot, and said she felt guilty that she had ruined my life. I told her that I can't be in contact with her from then onwards, because it would be too painful for me. So he completely lost contact. Slowly I moved on, although I didn't date anyone else. Then suddenly, a couple of weeks back, I got an email from her after a gap of almost 16 months. I was surprised, so I did reply to her. She told me that her marriage was called off at the last minute, because that guy's behavior was not at all acceptable to her. Now we exchange emails regularly, and even chat sometimes,but never discussed the matter of love. We're both currently unemployed, and we only discuss matters like finding jobs, doing certification programs etc. By the way, she isn't using a cell phone due to some health issues (that's what she said, don't know how far its true). But she did take my number today, and told me she'll call me from a payphone. So what exactly did she have in mind, because she contacted me after a gap of 16 months? Did she want a relationship with me? Should I raise the topic of love, or continue to talk casually? Please help.


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  • sounds to me like she wants to try things with you, now that she knows how you feel, and you know how she felt, she thinks that there might be a chance for her with you.. just keep it casual for now, but if you start going out (just movies, dinner etc.) then you can raise the topic, wait untill about your 3rd or 4th date at least. then mention it, (for gods sake in a private place with just the two of you) preferably somewhere (accidentally) romantic. just turn to her and say "i still care about you" and she'll be yours. Good luck!


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  • she probably regrets what happened between you two and is hoping that she didn't loose you forever and would like to see if there is still a chance with you.


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