I never thought we would talk again

I recently contacted a guy who shut me out of his life when he moved with his girlfriend ... and he responded. Nothing special, just a reply to a message I sent ... nothing questioning how I am or how I am doing. I was pretty certain I was never going to hear from him again (although he did only ask for time apart, not forever ... but considering the girlfriend I think the writing is on the wall as far as that). Any reason why he might be receptive to at least speaking to me again, or should I not read too much into it?


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  • We don't really know the situation but, as a rule of thumb, I wouldn't read too much into a guy responding to YOUR message.


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  • He's probably still into you and/or having problems with his current situation.

    You should find someone without a girlfriend and start fresh.

  • Hey may still want to stay in contact. But, I wouldn't look to far into this one. He does appear to be taken, so I would leave this alone at least for now. If he wants a friendship he will continue to contact you.


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