Why would he check out my online dating profile after the date?

why would he check out my online dating profile again right after he went on a date with me (same night).

Also he seems to be changing his profile around so maybe that's why he looked at mine. So the fact he is working on his profile prob suggests he's not very interested eh despite texting me when he got home


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  • Maybe he missed your smile and wanted to see it again but felt if he called and said I wanna' see you again you'd have thought of it as "creepy"... consider it a compliment, he's probably just making sure you aren't changing your entire profile because you went out on a date with him and decided that he was a looser... he's probably just checking to make sure it went well and that you didn't change anything, or wants to see your pics again.

    Note: If he wasn't attracted to you he wouldn't have looked or wanted to know if he did okay without asking.


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  • He's probably curious to see if you mention the date at all, or see what your reactipn to him was. (What, you think only women get self-conscious about what someone thinks about them? Lol!)

  • He could have been showing a friend/roommate who he just went out with. I've done that.

    As for your update, it is possible that he wasn't too interested. However, he may have been talking to multiple women and wants to meet them as well. Dating is a bit of a numbers game. I'm sure he gave you clues how it went during the date.

  • Because he was thinking about you and wanted to know everything he could.


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