Plenty of Fish....trustworthy...or not?

I've always been leary about online dating sites.

One of my friends found her fiancee on a site...they are older late 20s...

My other friend has been on a lot of dating sites...she's found bad luck on most of them. Her recent site - Plenty of Fish - has given her far.

She helped me make a profile on it...should I keep it or get rid of it? Anyone on there have an opinion on it?

I've never had luck w the dating scene...sure I'm 21 but...thought I'd try it...


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  • I have had no luck with dating sites, paid or free. Partly my age, I grant you. But on a couple of "pen pal" sites, I met women, dated some of them. Go with your eyes open, and an open mind.

    No experience with Plenty of Fish. Found match filled with scammers, but all do have them.


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  • It's good in that you get practice talking to people, but the only sites where I met more serious people were the ones where you have to pay, match and eharmony. Don't get me wrong, I've met a lot of girls off plenty of fish too, but they were just looking to have a stable of guys. I can only imagine most of the guys are the same.

  • its been hit or miss for me I have met a few really great girls and a couple girls i had conversations with blocked me as soon as I brought up meeting each other.

  • It works great if you actually go out and meet in person instead of being all flaky and not putting forth effort. I've chatted with 100s of girls on there. I get the 'you're so handsome' comments all time. But as soon as I ask them out, they ignore me.


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