I was talking to this guy I met off line for a week every night we talk all night about everything we finally

i was talking to this guy I met off line for a week every night we talk all night about everything we finally met he stayed for a while we met again the next day he stayed even longer we kissed but the third day I asked him to come over he told me he just want to be friends we never had sex it hurt when he said that because I really liked him so I said no we can't be friends I didn't really mean it what did I do wrong


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  • Im assuming you weren't what he expected. and I'm talking about how you looked.

    You see I do internet dating that will lead to sex, why? It is more beneficial in a financial level to just meet up a girl you have met online, hit it and quit it (my car is good in gas, one full tank can take me 2 states away). Texting will lead to calling, lead to exchanging pics, lead to setup a time and place to meet, blah blah blah, and there is an invisible barrier that will hide your insecurities therefor making you open to the other person.

    Compared to a bar scenario: If you think about it, how much do drinks cost these days? A LOT! Most men and women don't know how to flirt, they are insecure face to face, yata yata yata..

    And I gotta admit, the female species are a the masters of illusion. Now why am I saying that? I have met up with PLENTY of girls that look hot in their pic, but in person, they are not what I expect. they are fat, ugly, disgusting, ect...

    BUT in the end, sex feels the same.There's a reason why you can turn off the lights or dim it.


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  • Sounds like for whatever reason he just wasn't feeling any chemistry. Don't beat yourself up over this, it happens.


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  • Haha I had the same thing happen to me. Met a guy online, exchanged numbers, he would text me all throughout the day for like an entire week, we finally hung out in person and we talked the whole time and it seemed to be going good. We didn't kiss tho. Then he tells me he wasn't really feeling it lol. I asked why and ge said he didn't really know why. So we decided to just be friends. But hey whatever! Just move on and take it with a grain of salt. Men are funny like that. You'll find one who will really be into you.