How does this sound for a first date?

So I'm planning out this date and I wanted some feedback on how it sounds. Here's how it'd go:

1)We meet at our local mall.

2)We get something to eat at this Italian place in the mall

3)on the way to the movie, we stop by the guitar shop where my friend works and I play her a song.

4)We see the movie.

5) Lastly, we get some frozen yogurt and just chill.

How does that sound?

Okay so everyone keeps telling me to skip three for later so how about this:

1) Watch a movie at our local theatre.

2) Catch the trolley over to "The Plaza" where we will get some ice cream and listen to live music while we sit and chat.

This plan is WAY simpler because that's what everyone seems to suggests. Any other suggestions?


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  • It sounds busy why don't you just try one thing for the first date? Like dinner and if that goes well the movie ., or the ice-cream and if that goes well a movie don't be moving around too much.. But the song I would say Is too cheesy for a first date wait for a later one maybe :) so it looks a little less like you are trying to hard


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  • You could use the idea in step 3 for another date (on this one you could find out which one is her favorite song and make the experience even better for her being playing that song)...Other than that it sounds really good :)

    • Her favorite song is HYFR...

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    • The new plan sounds great :)

    • Okay great, and thanks for all of your help :)

  • ok it sounds really nice, but you shouldn't have to go in steps on the first date, it should be fun and not a schedual. plus you could probably lose step 3 and save it for your next date.

    also make sure your date likes all these things :)

  • skip number 3 because that sounds like a bit much for a first date, good luck! :)

  • For me, it's really a nice date. I still remember the first date in my life vividly when I was in high school. Hope you can cherish this. it will become your beautiful memory.


What Guys Said 2

  • good plan

  • yeah I agree that 3 should be used when things get more intimate