Wine fest had a blast, ladies please give advice!

So I went to a wine festival on Saturday for my friends birthday. My friends and the group I was with were either passed out, full of drama or hitting on some creepers. I went over to the wine tasting station and approached 4 young women and ended up having a great 20 minutes with them. After making them laugh for 10 minuets straight I asked who's number I should get to continue this adventure and the prettiest one and the one I liked the most gave me her ### and their ride came to get them. This girl called me a good catch probably because we share the same interests and humor. She does not have a boyfriend and I made a remark about how I'm looking for more than just a summer fling. I texted her yesterday to make sure she didn't give me the rejection hotline number and she responded and after a few texts I put down the phone. Now I'm in the playing it cool zone where I don't wanna hit her up and look desperate but I am really excited to see her again since I offered to take her out on a date. What should I do next? any advice as to how to hopefully turn this young lady into a GF? she is a school teacher and lives 45 minuets away from me but I would walk that distance to see her again, she is not like the "girls" I have met B4 and wanna do things the right way with her.


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  • Since you already told her you'd take her on a date, and it sounds like she is interested, I would definitely get on that soon. If you wait she will thnk you lost interest or found soemthing better. There is really no point in waiting for anything. The only way you would seem desperate is if you keep texting her when she doesn't respond or call her every 5 minutes. So text her now and ask her on a date!

    • That makes sense, the only problem is that I am going to atlantic city this weekend for a bachelor party so I don't know how to get around that one

    • I would text her and tell her you still wanna go on a date with her, so she won't lose interest. But tell her you will be gone this weekend but hopefully yall can work something out next weekend. Or dring the week. And make sure you follow up with that too. Guys can say stuff all day but it really gives them brownie points in my book when they actually follow through with that. She will probably think you are gonna forget about your date, but when you don't she will be impressed.

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  • Go for the date. Tell her why you are going to AC, and do the followup. Always followup. She gave you her number, answered texts, will go on date. No time to be cool, get in gear.