Should past minor mistakes be left alone?

When it comes to some small mistakes done while dating someone for a very short time, do you think it's worth it trying to talk, explain yourself, and say sorry after almost a year without communicating with them, even if things are OK between the two?

For some context, the mistake I'm talking about is rushing the relationship, but answers about other general stuff are OK, just to know.


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  • I feel that way too, some of them I want to talk about / correct but I duno, I really don't think the other person will care.

    I've done this with friends too, say if I made a mistake it'll linger in my mind to apologize to them even if it probably doesn't matter. I've ended up doing that and they were cool with it but at the same time it really wasn't needed.

    It helps but it doesn't help? You still feel weird after... I guess just do whatever makes you okay. I'd probably mention it to the person... yeah, that's just me... if I don't, I'll just keep thinking about it.


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  • Just let it pass, or say," oh, by the way, that wasn't right of me to do that, I just wanted to let you know," but it still makes that person upset, just thinking back. let them think your a jerk


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  • It's not goo to dwell on negative events in the past, so no, don't bother bringing up these things.

    Ifshe insists onit, well then yes, you need to explain yourself, but I doubt she'll want to bring up what happened then.. It's a bad sign if she does insist on talking about all that!

  • If you're already broken up, and it's been a long time since, then yeah, just leave it alone. Don't bring up the past. No need to revisit that crap. Just let it go. I know I wouldn't want my exgirlfriends to come back to me and start apologizing for things I've likely forgotten by now. Same goes for your case. It's probably not worth it, and I doubt anything will come of it. Leave it alone.

    • Right. Even if it was short but intense, let it go. I intend to.

      What about if we happen to bump into each other and we end up sitting down to chat, do I pretend that nothing happened, however miserable on my part?

      (It's more than unlikely but I can't help going through situations in my head)

    • If it comes up, you can talk about it, but don't dwell. Just be like "yeah, sorry things ended the way they did..." and try to move it along to the present as quickly as possible.