Do I have a chance?

me and this girl have been texting BUT almost all the texts have been regarding school (that's where I know her from), however her texts are long (not one or 2 word replies) and she often uses "lol" or smilies ( like :) or :S etc.)

Does it seem like I have a chance? should I call her?

so I spent 5 minutes talking myself into calling her, and I do... and she doesn't pick up.,.. :(
no call or text back yet...
6 hours... nothing


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  • Are you initiating most of the texts, or is she?

    What are the texts about more specifically? You said school, but is it like, stuff that happened at school? Questions about homework and assignments?

    Are there other people that she could be texting about these things instead? For example, does she have other friends in the class that she knows better than you? (i.e. she has a question about an assignment, could ask one of her other friends about it, but chooses to ask you instead).

    • I initiated %100 of the texts, theyre sometimes about stuff that happened at school but more often about assignments or tests/essays

      I think she knows me at the same level she knows maybe 2 other people in the class (a guy and a girl)

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    • Well, I believe in being straight forward and not playing games. That works for me.

      And I'd rather know that someone is not interested in me because they've said "no" when I asked them out than to always wonder if maybe I just "read the signs" wrong.

      It's up to you.

    • yeah I agree, I'll call her one last time tomorrow

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  • Not everyone automatically calls back everyone who they have a missed call from.

    What happened with girl B by the way :p

    • not gonna work out, she's going away for most of summer and is also going to another university far away, the girl in question now (Spanish looking one) is going to the same uni as me

  • Sounds like yes you have a chance but I mean that in a way where you are by getting in her pants in a week. Keep the cool going and be her friend. Best Friends Get the girl I can testify of that

  • id say calling her would be your best bet

  • Tried getting off the topic of school?

    • slightly, for like 2 texts

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    • :(


    • I should say hour or two.

  • re:update

    Doesn't matter. At least you called, and didn't chicken out.

    Just call again at a more appropriate time, or when you see her next face to face.

    • Why are you waiting for her to call you back?

      That's not how things work.

      You call her. At a time she's more likely to pick up (if you're afraid of looking too eager)

      But don' sit there counting the hours because she hasn't returned your call.

      You're not a woman, Cyrus. Don't act like one.

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    • That's the most pathetic reason to give up on someone ever.

    • no its not

      IVe never called her before this was the first time

      so its not like its a usual occurrence

  • If you're talking to her, you've got a chance.

  • call her