Should I walk him home?

Ok the thing is I have a new boyfriend yay! but the problem is I got really by my ex about a year and since then my dad has been really overprotective. My dad does not want me to get hurt, but the thing is, every time I go to his house he always offers to walk me home. But every time I go to his, I never walk him home and the reason why is that I'm not supposed to have boys in the house after the incident that happened in the past, and tbh I don't really wanna risk not being home, I do not wanna get caught being with a guy, and I'm just not ready to tell my parents yet, I feel extremely guilty for not walking him home when he walks me home... Do men like it when their gf's walk them home?


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  • no, he's not a girl, he'll feel like such a helpless male. He's penis will shrink. Never walk him home. A guy usually doesn't get raped, women do! Be a lady.