Why can't I find a faithful girlfriend?

Why can’t I find a girl that’s faithful? If I’m mad at you and don’t want to talk to you right away that doesn’t mean go out three day’s later and get a hickey. .


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  • When there is a fight between two people, usually both of them end up being hurt :(

    Do you think maybe you needed her to be there for you when you were hurt and angry, or did you need space?

    She needed you as well. She was also hurting. It hurts even more when it feels like someone isn't willing to forgive your mistakes and heated words. However, it gives nobody a reason to cheat. There is NEVER a good reason to cheat.

    She made a terrible decision, and hopefully lost you because of it. However, there are always things that you can do as well to keep it from happening. It's always best to fix a problem before going to bed that night. That way, in the morning, you can wake up and tell each other "I love you."

    Good luck, okay? I'm sure you'll find a good one ^_^


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  • Oh hun it sounds like you're really hurting.

    I'm afraid there's no magic answer. We can't tell you to go down the library and she'll be there.

    All I can say is...give it some time. Allow yourself to heal and have time alone. Remember who you are, do your own thing. And then, when your ready, starting meeting up with friends of friends, meeting new people. It's not something that happens overnight but when it's right you know it.

    It is NOTHING you have done. NEVER blame yourself. It is selfish people taking advantage of of a beautiful person. Never forget that, it's always the nicest people who are taken advantage of most.

    I wish you luck!

    • He got pissy with her and ignored her for days...

      He does not a get a free pass on this.

    • Everyone makes mistakes. And sometimes you need to give yourself a little distance to get a little perspective. He didn't tell us why he was mad at her. Maybe she almost cheated on him, so he went away to think about it or something. I'm sure there's been a reason when you've needed not to speak to someone for a bit too.

  • The answer to your problem is obvious from your question. You're dating GIRLS not WOMEN. A woman doesn't do petty things like that, an immature girl does.

  • If a guy is mad at me, enough to not want to talk to me right now...

    And 3 days later, I have not heard from him..

    Either he isn't a man.. or we've broken up...

    I'll get a hickey from whoever I choose...

    • So even if you are dating you'd do that?

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    • ...so if he phone and computer broke and he lived in a different country you'd break up with him?

      Or if his mum died and he was hurting so badly he did nothing but curl up in bed and cry and not speak to anyone you'd break up with him?

    • in the babble you've written, you've completely missed what both he, and I, wrote...

      Thanks for coming out...

      and if his mother died, I think I'd be with him...

  • you're probably chasing the same type of girls.

  • Because you're probably both too immature to be in a relationship.

  • lolz black people


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  • its popular to whore around these days

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of women.

  • Seek the Lord man Pray that God sends you that woman of your dreams.He will but just trust in him man

  • how hard have you been looking? what are your standards?