How to seduce a guy to kiss you?

I wanna know how to seduce a guy to kiss you in a cute way?

thanks :)


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  • What type of situation are you planning to try this in? Because the earlier and simpler you plan this the easier it'll be to pull off. Lets say you're sitting next to each other on a couch (closeness is a must) and watching something simple and fun (not an action movie, try a comedy like a pixar movie maybe) you can joke, be playful, and tease each other. At some quiet point in the movie you can lean on him, maybe put your head on his shoulder and look up at him... and boom.


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  • Pretend to trip and put your lips close to his. Then just lean in and sort of kiss him. If he looks surprised, just accuse him of "taking advantage of you" in a playful/teasing way. :)

  • Its always about eye contact. A woman can melt a man with her eyes if she knows what's she is doing. Keep constant eye contact to let him know you are interested, once you have moved closed to one another the body chemistry should do the rest.

  • Sit across from him and rub his leg with yours.. Then look up with your flirty eyes and BAM. you're in.. (worked on me)..

  • Ask him if he has ever kissed a girl:

    IF HE SAYS YES: Say you want to see if you're any good at it.

    IF HE SAYS NO: Ask him if he wants to try it


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